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22 apr 2023 om 22:51 Amazing as usual! Food is delicious, freshly cooked and comes in large portions. Best parmigiana in town
20 apr 2023 om 20:16 Delicious pizza's!
18 apr 2023 om 22:40 Ik heb rond 13u de bestelling geplaatst voor 18u. Om 1755u stonden 2 heren met 20 pizza’s voor mijn neus. De pizza’s waren uiteraard weer lekker
29 mrt 2023 om 13:58 good quality pizza that was not hot but warm when it was delivered.
17 mrt 2023 om 22:28 Eten/smaak lekker maar helaas lauw tot koud…
31 jan 2023 om 22:54 Great italian food, excellent quality and very tasty!
29 dec 2022 om 0:59 Pizza could have been a bit warmer, but the taste made up for it. The crust tasted great, on the pizza verdure the mushrooms were fresh and the vegetables well cooked
21 dec 2022 om 19:01 Pizza quality is inconsistent. Today I bought 2 pizzas. The crust was dry on both and the salami on the Indiavolata had a strong smell/taste probably because the salami was not fresh, not sure. I won’t be ordering from here anytime soon.
12 dec 2022 om 18:46 First time the delivery was bad, as in the pizza got to me messed up. I will avoid Quatro Formagi next time, the cheese was all over the box.
3 dec 2022 om 17:00 The orde arrived 30 minutes later than communicated so the food was ice cold
7 okt 2022 om 18:43 Pizza altijd Heel lekker.
20 sep 2022 om 9:12 Pizza smaakte goed, alleen had de bezorger de pizza verticaal in zijn tas gestopt, het was een chaos in de doos waarbij alles aan een kant lag :/